It's our profound commitment guests have fun and edutainment experience with us.  All customers need to comply with these basic behavior standards. We encourage parents or guardians to review and discuss the behavior standards with their children coming to our fun zone. Adult are held to the same standards.


· Every guest is expected to exercise respect. This includes, but is not limited to: themselves, other participants, staff members, all people and places of business. 

· Every participant in the program is expected to communicate in an appropriate manner. We insist that everyone who uses the space remains mindful of, and takes responsibility for, their speech and behavior including words that are racist, sexist, homophobic. Humbly accepting respectful correction as the impact of your words on other people is more important than your intent. 

·  Every guest is expected to express civil conduct. If physical contact is made with another person it must be a welcome gesture and appropriate. Following are examples of unacceptable behaviors that will not be tolerated and may result in suspension or expulsion from the facility: 

·   Oppressive behavior: any conduct that demeans, marginalizes rejects, threatens or harms anyone on the basis of identity, background, or ability.

· Harassment: deliberate intimidation; stalking; following; harassing photography or recording; disruption of events; aggressive, derogatory, or threatening comments; and unwanted physical contact or sexual attention.

·   Destructive behavior: damaging or altering any part of the building, inside or out, including furniture, equipment, or other people’s belongings.

·   Exclusionary actions: 

This includes:

·  Denying certain guests opportunities to share views, skills and other contributions engaging in favoritism and creating or reinforcing an inequitable learning environment. 

·  Discriminating or harassing based on race, religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status, political affiliation, veteran’s status, disability, sexual orientation, or any other status protected by applicable federal, state or local nondiscrimination laws.


·   Every guest is expected to know and understand the rules associated with the activity and follow them Ask the staff member if you are unaware of the rules regarding the activity 

·   Parents and caregivers must stay on-site and are responsible for supervising their children at all times No more than 2 adults per child, please         

·   Unnecessary / Excessive loitering with game machines    

·   Abusing game machines seeking extra benefits against gaming rules          

·   Activity of any nature that threatens our pleasant, family-oriented environment, disrupt the legitimate business of this property and its guests, and force change the general purpose of the property, Operating unauthorized recreational and/or personal transportation devices on the property          


·   Food and drink must not be consumed inside the center

·   In order to provide a safe and comfortable environment, all bags will be checked upon entry. Dangerous and hazardous objects as well as outside food and beverage items (except baby food) are prohibited. Dayline at its Food Corner serves a variety of foods and drinks to guests.


·   Parents and guardians are responsible for the safe custody or care of their children while in the fun zone. Dayline provides a variety of activities; please consider the age, height, maturity, strength, weight, or other attributes of people under your care when choosing a particular activity.          

·   Smoking and consuming alcohol is strictly forbidden at Dayline.          

· Parents/ families are advised not to bring child having airborne and other communicable diseases. For the health and safety of others, their admission might be rejected or/and forced to leave the premises.          

·   Animals are not permitted in Dayline Addis Fun Zone.          

·   Strollers must be folded immediately upon entry to the playroom to discourage climbing and to keep the entryway clear.           


·   In order to provide a safe, comfortable environment for all Dayline Addis Fun Zone will conduct bag checks at the main entrance. Guests are reminded that certain substances which may be deemed dangerous or offensive may be prohibited from being brought into the Fun Zone.

·   No firearms or weapons.

·   Photography 

·   Photographs and video may be taken for personal use.          

·   Commercial photography and filming must be with prior permission of Dayline Management and can only be done by arrangement.          

·   Admission to Dayline Addis Fun Zone signifies your permission and agreement for the Fun Zone to take and use your photographs or images for educational and promotional purposes. 


·  Any baggage over the size of 56cm x 36cm x 23cm is not allowed to be brought in. Guest may deposit the baggage in the designated area at the Front Desk.


·   Guest should comply with the Dayline Addis Fun Zone bylaws. Disobedient behavior and vulgarity will not be tolerated. When a participant’s behavior, adult or child, is deemed inappropriate: 

·   Staff members will verbally request that the behavior be discontinued. If the child’s behavior reoccurs or escalates, the parents will be notified immediately and the child will be removed from the program for that day. 

·   If a guest’s unacceptable behavior continues on a regular basis, a written notice will be issued, stating the inappropriate behaviors and one more incident of unacceptable behavior will result in the guest’s removal from the fun zone permanently, or for a specific period of time depending on the severity of the behavior. 

·   In extreme cases of unacceptable behavior that is physically threatening to other participants or staff, Dayline Addis Fun Zone reserves the right to immediately expel any violator from the center once and for all.

Attention: Security Cameras in Use

Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions, further clarification or comments please contact the Dayline Addis Fun Zone info center!